About us

The Windows of Hope (WoH) Project is a non-profit genetic research study which works closely with Anabaptist communities, local and specialist clinical services and special needs providers across North America. Our aim is to support these services through molecular research studies to provide a greater understanding of the nature and causes of inherited disorders in the communities in order to improve healthcare outcomes, and provide substantial cost savings, for families affected by these conditions.

The project has aided the recognition and description of the underlying genetic cause of over 30 inherited disorders, including 16 conditions new to medical science stemming directly from our work. Through clinical and diagnostic laboratory collaborations these research studies have led to many families with previously unrecognized conditions receiving a much-needed diagnosis, which in turn has aided the development of disease-specific management strategies and measurable improvements in clinical and developmental outcomes.

Working with our clinical partners we have also developed an extensive community-appropriate educational program including family information days, disease-specific leaflets, practical educational symposia as well as an extensive searchable clinical database providing information medical practitioners about all conditions currently known to be present in the Plain communities, much of which may be accessed through this website.