HUT (Hutterite)

Inheritance: autosomal recessive
Genes: EMG1

Bowen Hutterite syndrome

Low birth weight
Prominent nose
Growth deficiency

Bowen-Conradi Syndrome

Clinical Characteristics

General description (for patients):  

This is a malformation syndrome characterized by unusual facies with a prominent nose, small jaw, and a small head.  The joints may be stiff.  Growth is delayed and death in infancy is common.  Patients may have an unusual curvature to their little fingers.

Medical description:  

Bowen-Conradi syndrome is a malformation condition found extensively among all Hutterite communities.  Microcephaly, prominent nose, micrognathia, clinodactyly, cryptorchidism, failure to thrive and general developmental delay seem to be characteristic.  Joints are stiff and contractures may develop.  Death usually occurs in the first months of life.


A locus containing the presumed mutation causing this apparent autosomal recessive condition has been mapped to chromosome 12 (12p13.3).  A c.400A>G substitution causes a malfunction in a ribosomal biogenesis protein, EMG1. This disorder has been reported in multiple sibships among all three major Hutterite leuts in Canada with a carrier frequency that may be as high as 10%.




Death usually occurs in the first year of life.

Ancillary treatments and support:

General supportive care.

Specialists and specialty centers: 

Pediatrician, dysmorphologist.


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